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  • New - A note from the parent is required for a dancer to sit out of class. If your dancer is to sit out due to injury or other reason, please send a note to the studio. If a dancer has a chronic injury, sitting out with a note from the parent often, we will require a note from your doctor or physiotherapist. If a dancer does have an injury, it is best they watch class (with a note from you) rather than miss class.
  • Consistent attendance is important. Students with inconsistent attendance slow not only their own progress but the progress of the entire class.
  • Arriving on time is crucial. Arriving late is disruptive to the class. Please make sure dancers arrive 5 minutes before the class start time to prepare for class so the class can start as a group.
  • Parents and siblings are asked to avoid coming into the studio between classes. This will allow back-to-back classes to run on time and with less distraction. If you may be late picking up a dancer, please ask them to stay with the teacher or office staff (if on duty).
  • In order to provide a safe, respectful environment for ALL dancers we are asking parents, dancers, siblings to follow these rules:
  1. Wait calmly and quietly. No screaming, yelling or loud voices. Quiet, calm behaviour is expected at all times.
  2. Sit on benches while waiting. No running, no playing on stairs, no standing or jumping on benches.
  3. Parents please monitor you children. Teachers and office staff are not responsible for supervising dancers before and after class.
  4. Siblings and friends waiting for dancers must be supervised, quiet and calm.
  5. The studio is a place of business - no foul language or obnoxious behaviour. Destructive and disruptive behaviour will not be tolerated. Please respect the dance studio and its property.


  • There is NO EATING or DRINKING permitted in the studio dance space. Water only in the dance space.
  • Clean dance shoes only in the dance studio. Please do not use outdoor shoes for taking class.
  • Costumes Policy: Costumes are an additional fee. $65 payment is collected for EACH CLASS at the time of registration (Adult and Special Sessions are exempt). This is a deposit only. Additional payments are required once the final costume costs are determined. If it costs more than the deposit you will be expected to pay the balance. If a costume costs less than the deposit you will be refunded or have credit for future dance costs. There will be no costume refunds issued for credit of $20 or less, credit only.
    Costumes and material must be ordered early to get them in time as costume companies are busy and have limited stock. Costume fees cannot be refunded after costumes are ordered or materials are purchased.
  • Withdraw policy: One full MONTH advanced (of 1st of the month) written notice (email acceptable) is required for withdrawal from any class or classes and will be accepted until January 1, 2020. NO EXCEPTIONS. Registration fee is non-refundable. No partial month fees refunded.
  • Joining or switching classes after December is not guaranteed and at the discretion of Carole and the instructor.
  • All student placements are subject to teacher evaluation. Class ages and levels are dependent upon maturity and experience. Instructors have ultimate discretion on placement of students. The decision is based on what benefits the student’s progression and the class as a whole.
  • We appreciate your business and encourage your questions and comments.



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